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All EE member organisations cordially invite members of all other EE organisations to their open events. Please check if there are any specific booking requirements by following any web link for further details.


It has been recognised for some time that the legal process is not always the most satisfactory way of settling disputes. It can be long, costly, antagonistic, and uncertain, all of which are undesirable, and can lead to dissatisfaction with the legal process itself.


The number of individual systems for settling disputes that can be devised is limitless. Each dispute lends itself to different approaches. This may be determined by the nature of the dispute, the characters of the parties (or their employees), the amount in dispute, and the significance of the dispute to each of the parties.


However, they can be broadly categorised into the most commonly used techniques. This is one of the reasons why Experts in Europe work together in order to suggest solutions and to organize Events to show roles, uses and opportunities for Experts. We hope that the papers of our events for your personal download will form the basis for study, understanding and progress.

Date Flag Town Type Details
30/06/2017 Flag Vienna Open Conference Programme
26/11/2015 Flag Prague Open Conference Programme
12/11/2015 Flag Leipzig Open Conference Programme
27/11/2014 Flag Prague Open Conference Programme
22/10/2010 Flag Vienna Open Conference Programme
26/06/2008 Flag Brussels EE Event 10th Anniversary EuroExpert
01/11/2007 Flag Prague Open Conference Programme
16/03/2007 Flag Berlin Open Conference Programme
04/11/2005 Flag Lisbon Open Conference Programme
09/04/2005 Flag Vienna Open Conference Programme

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