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Madrid 2000

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EuroExpert as the Organisation for expert associations provides access to an expert network of more than 50,000 qualified experts. Find your expert with our EuroExpertFinder.


EuroExpert updates remuneration study

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EuroExpert publishes new e-bulletin

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EuroExpert Language concerning the use of Experts

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EuroExpert publishes core curriculum for Expert Training

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EuroExpert launches Leaflet for the EuroExpertfinder

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EuroExpert updates Remuneration Study

EuroExpert has updated its previous study comparing the similarities and differences between the systems of the remuneration of Experts. The current study was responded to by the following countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom. ...more



EuroExpert - keep up to date with European developments

The e-bulletin is published periodically. It provides useful information for those who are either acting as an expert, who use their services or are in charge of setting standards for experts.

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EuroExpert - The Organisation for European Expert Associations

For many years national organisations involving Experts and specialist expertise have sought contacts in other countries. Over recent years most organisations involving Experts and specialist expertise have tended to look beyond their national boundaries and have sought cross-frontier co-operation and recruitment. Co-operation has quite properly been growing, and this has resulted in the exchange of views and information between the organisations ... more

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