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EuroExpert Core Curriculum for the Training of Experts

EuroExpert in its aims includes the development, promotion and convergence of and education in common ethical and professional standards for experts within the European Union, based upon the principles of high qualification. As part of this aim it has agreed a core curriculum for the training of expert witnesses. Experts are required to be "fit and proper" persons and both having and maintaining a high standard of technical knowledge and practical experience in their professional field. The curriculum is designed to enhance this.

  • Codes of Practice:

National/Regional Code of Practice for Experts (this includes the principles of the EuroExpert Code of Practice)

  • Justice System:


Overview of National Justice Systems including differences between the inquisitorial and adversarial system

Basic Law to include contract, tort, fees, advertising and liability

  • Procedure Rules applicable to experts:

Others, where applicable


  • Role & Responsibilities of The Expert:


Appointment procedures
Terms of engagement
Conflicts of interest
Giving evidence including requirements for reports


  • Alternatives to the Court Process:


ADR including methods such as mediation and expert determination
The role of expert in different processes

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